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What is our approach to website design / development?

Its easy to just give a list of things that a website design company can offer and most lists are just the same on every web design companies website, but we like to think we know how to combine these services and also will advice you when we think your ideas on your website doesn't match your business goals. For instance we rarely recommend Flash animation for standard business websites as it doesn't give you any search advantages, it's expensive to develop and maintain, requires the user to have flash installed on their PC or laptop and will not display on some Internet enabled devices. We dont say Flash doesnt look nice, it does but it should only be used where it is appropriate.

What makes us special?
Our 'holistic' approach to your website project is one of the things we pride ourselves on. This means that we balance your website and business needs to ensure your site looks great, works perfectly on all browsers, converts visitors into clients / customers and ranks highly in the search engines. We do all these tasks together and ensure we don't focus on one at the cost of another. There is no benefit having a gorgeous looking site that nobody can find when they search for your 'key search terms'.

Simply email or phone us to get your website project started.

What happens next?
Generally these are the steps we take to advance your project:

  • Telephone / email chat about website
  • Meeting at our offices
  • Website design questionnaire
  • Proposal for project
  • Draft / Trial website produced for comments
  • Website development commences full time